Versatile. Functional. Beautiful. 

Versatile. Functional. Beautiful.

Like most longstanding inventions, curtains remain popular because they combine function with form and flexibility.

Curtains are ideal for living rooms and particularly bedrooms, where they subdue noise and provide a peaceful ambience.

Wilson's Fabrics Morocco Curtains
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Linings can be chosen to give control over light and room temperature.

Motorised curtain operation

Inaccessible or excessively large windows and doors can have motorised tracks.


Curtain fabrics have a unique beauty, lending colour, texture and an impression of movement.

Pelmets, swags-and-tails, tiebacks and matching soft furnishings lend a special opulence in a bedroom, a study or a living area.

Swag and Tail pelmet detail
Wilsons Fabrics Broome Fabric Colours
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Lavish or restrained, fine or heavy. Full and flowing or crisp and formal, curtains seem endlessly versatile. They can be combined with blinds and shutters. They can become the focal point, deciding the theme for your entire home. Or they can be subtle and delicate, the supporting element. And curtains can suit almost any style of home or interior.

Wilsons Fabrics Boston Fabric Curtains and Blinds
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Denis Keating’s substantial textiles industry experience makes him the perfect advisor when choosing curtains and fabric. Denis can source any fabric, from the full range of quality manufacturers and suppliers.

Denis Keating portrait shot
Denis Keating portrait shot

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